Meet The Lucky B*stard Who Just Married Margot Robbie And Crushed Your Dreams




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The worst news ever has arrived-Margot Robbie is MARRIED-which can only mean our dreams are over. 

The Harley Quinn actress, married her longterm boyfriend, Tom Ackerley who she’s been in a relationship with for three years at a secret Australian location, at the weekend.

The Daily Mail reported that the 26-year-old rocked up in her home country, sporting a ‘Say I Do Down Under’ t-shirt last week.

It has then been confirmed that the Suicide Squad star tied the knot with her mysterious lover, in Byron Bay; cue hearts breaking worldwide.


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I’m sure you’re wondering who her mystery man is, as we all are, but the truth is, no-one knows too much about him other than that he’s a British, slightly posh, assistant film director.

The secret wedding was leaked online by Margot’s brother and her new husband’s brother, both suggesting that that the wedding was taking place at the famous Aussie wedding venue, Harvest Newrybar.

The sickeningly good-looking couple however, are yet to share their newlywed snaps, but reports that her mum Sarie gave her away and her sister, Anya was her maid of honour, cements this devastating news further.


According to an Australian paper Woman’s Day, illusive Tom wished to get married in the UK, but gave that up for the filmstar, as of course, anyone would.

The Australian actress has always apparently wanted to get married in her home town where she grew up.

A friend told the publication:

The Gold Coast was somewhere she always wanted to get married, given it’s where she was raised as a kid on her grandparents’ farm.

WTF! Press starts today @paramountpics #whiskeytangofoxtrot

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Another source added:

They decided to get marry around Christmas so they could spend time with both their families afterwards, which they’ve never done before.

Wedding rumours have been flying around about the mysterious couple, after they were spotted wearing matching gold rings whilst Margot was filming earlier this year.

The secretive pair met three years ago, on the set of a World War drama in France and have apparently been besotted ever since.

Boat Daze

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Whilst we don’t seem to know much about the mystery-man, her physiotherapist had plenty of gossip to divulge.

She revealed:

She loves Tom, he’s the one, he’s the man in her life, he’s a gorgeous and delightful person.

They were friends and met while she was living in London, five friends together rented a house in Clapham, they loved it.

Annoyingly, but of course, understandably, Margot supports these claims by gushing about her man.

She said:

I may be biased but I think he’s the most handsome guy in the world.

That’s it then. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

No more imagining life with Margot and devising ways to meet her and then propose…

Slightly creepy? Don’t pretend you haven’t done the same…

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