Mayra Hills, aka Beshine, boasts the world’s largest fake breasts. The German adult model’s surgically enhanced breasts contain 10 litres of saline solution and weigh a whopping 9kg (20lb) each.

As anyone who has tried to give a piggyback to a drunk person on the way home from a party knows, bigger is not always better. One person who definitely doesn’t abide by that dictum is  Beshine (NSFW), a 31-year-old who has a very special gift—or, more accurately, two.


Beshine is an adult model and camgirl who has what she claims has the largest pair of augmented breasts in the world. (The world’s largest natural breasts belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner, a.k.a. Norma Stitz, who reportedly wears a 52I bra, the largest ever made.)

If you’re dubious of this claim, consider this: Beshine wears a 32Z bra. Her measurements are 59-28-36. And her breasts weigh about 20 pounds each, or approximately the weight of a small dog. Imagine walking around all day with two Bichon Frises strapped to your chest. Such is the plight of Beshine.


That’s the equivalent of carrying around two toddlers everyday you go. I mean just think of the back trouble she must have, gees!


And how does one support such monstrous breasts…With a 32Z bra, that’s how. Yup, Z!

Unsurprisingly her Twitter account is well supported, with over 120,000 followers, what d’you reckon is the main topic of discussion…? That’s right, boobs. It’s fair to say the page is quite boob heavy, here’s a selection of her posts.

Boob workout.


They’re almost unbelievable.


She LOVES boobs.


She also loves U.S holidays, namely Thanksgiving…


If there’s one sentence which sums of her life then it’s the following…


You would assume having size Z boobs that weigh an absolute ton would be enough, you’d be wrong. Unbelievably, she’s not satisfied with the world’s biggest boobs and wants to go even bigger.


We’re not sure if it’s even possible for her to get any bigger. I mean surely at some point she’ll just topple over constantly. And what about clothing?! She’s already popping out of everything…


Beshine confirmed her plans to go bigger on a blog post, she wrote:

“Beshine loves having the biggest t**s in the universe and welcomes you with her record breaking and ever growing breasts.”


Really not sure how I feel about all this boob work. Before discovering her Twitter account I may have said that boobs could never be too big, now I’m not so sure. How do you feel about her insane chest? Let us know with a comment.


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