Meet The Woman Getting Eight Surgeries To Look More Like Melania Trump

A Houston woman named Claudia Sierra will go under the knife for eight surgeries to try to look more like Melania Trump, according to a press release.

“I want to feel like the First Lady that I know I am inside,” she says, and wow, that’d be the perfect yearbook quote:

“I want to feel like the First Lady that I know I am inside.”

Rose filmed his consultation with Claudia Sierra, because patient-confidentiality is void when your patient wants to look like Melania Trump:

And yeah, Dr. Franklin Rose is the type of of plastic surgeon who sends out press releases. Is this normal for surgeons? Do spinal surgeons do this, too? We don’t know, but it’s apparently good for business.

The woman, a cancer survivor who happens to look a lot like Melania already, will undergo the following. Via

  • Revision breast reconstruction after cancer surgery
  • Revision rhinoplasty to correct the bump on her nose (her previous rhinoplasty was performed by another surgeon)
  • A “mommy makeover” to include a tummy tuck, liposuction and brazilian buttock lift and eyelid lift
  • Some Botox, fillers, and injectable treatments.

Dr. Franklin Rose has appeared on MTV’s I Want a Famous Face—a 2004 reality show that lasted one year, but has extended its tentacles into 2017 for obvious reasons. Namely, that reality TV now clutches the most prestigious office in the land.

Here are some more photos of the future Melania look-alike.

She’s nearly as famous as Melania now.

The surgeon is pioneering what’s being called (by him) “Melania Mania!” It’s the hottest new plastic surgery trend for—seriously—people who think it’s too overdone to look like Ivanka.

“I’ve had many women visit my office wanting the ‘Ivanka look,'” said Rose. “And so it’s not really surprising to see women now requesting to look more like Melania, who is simply gorgeous.”

Another of Dr. Rose’s patients, Jenny Stewart, made news in March after spending $30,000 to look like Ivanka. That was a discount, apparently, because she “agreed to talk to reporters,” according to USA Today. Another woman spent $60,000.

We don’t know what Sierra is spending on surgery, but we know she wants to feel like the first lady—and that probably means she’s using taxpayer cash.

“Melania for me illustrates power and strength; she is our First Lady and I am looking forward to more closely resembling her and becoming a better version of ME and for it to show on the outside.”

Good luck, Claudia, soon your face will be able to do this:



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