Men Bravely Speak Out About Their Experiences Of Being Sexually Abused

The number of sexual assaults against men that go unreported is worryingly high.

According to figures released previously by the Ministry of Justice, more than one in 10 victims of rape or attempted rape are male.

A report published in 2015, titled ‘Silent Suffering: Supporting The Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault’, revealed that as few as 3.9% of male victims of rape and sexual assault report the crime to police.

Similar to domestic abuse, these sexual assaults are sometimes overlooked due to their relative rarity compared to the number of assaults against women.

The study estimated that across the UK between 2010 and 2014, 679,051 sexual assaults and rapes of males took place. Of these 652,568 were not reported to any police force.

Survivors Manchester, who support men who have experienced sexual assault and rape, believe that one of the major issue preventing men from coming forward is due to society’s expectations around masculinity.

Speaking to the Huffington post, Michael May, chief executive of Survivors UK, has previously said: “Society is generally afraid to see men as victims. From infancy males are told that they should strive to be resilient, self-sufficient, protectors, dominant in sexual interactions and able to defend themselves.”

“An experience of rape or sexual abuse contravenes all of these masculine expectations. It leaves the survivor feeling ‘less than a man’ and society feeling that without a firm, inviolate masculine ideal – so safety is fundamentally compromised.”

For that reason we should applaud the men who are willing to speak up about their experiences of abuse, in the hope it will enable others to come forward.

Male survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and child abuse have been sharing their stories as part of an on-going project to give them a voice.

Project Unbreakable was started by New York photography student, Grace Brown in 2011, after a friend told her she was sexually assaulted.

In these brave photos men share their share their stories of abuse..


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