Men Who Go The Gym Officially Have Less Sex

Whenever I see meat-heads in the gym, throwing their 40kg dumbbells to the ground and wiping the liquid testosterone from their brows, I think… what are you over-compensating for?

Well now we know. It’s the fact they’re not getting any sex.

New research has revealed that men who work out a lot have a lower sex drive than those who do low intensity exercise.

The study, which asked 1,100 men in the US how often they thought about sex – as well as what their exercise regime is – found that men reach a ‘tipping point’ in their sex lives.

This is the point at which they are either too tired to have sex or are just not interested any more.

Researchers ar the University of North Carolina concluded there was a ‘significant’ relationship between workout intensity and sexual appetite.

This study also claims it could have an effect on fertility with doctors considering asking the male when a couple is struggling to conceive.

Lead researcher Professor Hackney said:

Fertility specialists will often ask a woman about whether and how much she exercises.

Based on our data, we think they should also be asking the man.

So, I guess it’s not pure gains…

You need to stop pumping that iron and pump some meat!

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