Do Men Prefer Brains To Busts?

It’s neither brains nor breasts that men look for in a woman, says Allison Pearson

Do men really prefer brains to big breasts in a woman? That is the contention of Professor David Bainbridge, an evolutionary biologist at Cambridge University. Talking at the Hay Festival about his book Curvology: The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape, Professor Bainbridge said: “Breast size doesn’t matter. The main thing that men are looking for is intelligence. Surveys have shown time and time again that this is the first thing men look for. It shows that she will be able to look after his children and that her parents were probably intelligent as well, suggesting that she was raised well.”

Hmm. I suspect the Professor has spent rather too much time among flat-chested female academics.

Cheers!: Allison Pearson

I once went to a dinner with Cambridge dons, male and female, and, to put it charitably, it wasn’t always easy to tell which sex was which. In that company, just by wearing a nice summer dress with a neckline that revealed a bit of cleavage, I was regarded as a Page 3 girl.

As someone blessed (or cursed) with a large frontage since her teens, I can say with confidence that people think having large boobs makes a woman stupid. On the contrary: a woman having big breasts makes men stupid.Truly, there is no magnet on the planet that will pull a guy towards you faster than a bountiful embonpoint. There is a reason, dear Professor, why the Wonderbra is among the most successful garments ever manufactured.

The suggestion that men pick intelligent women because they will make good mothers is also highly suspect. A student was once being taught by the eminent philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe at her Cambridge home. Throughout the tutorial, a young child could be heard screaming. After a while, the concerned student said to the philosopher: “Is that a baby crying?” At which, Anscombe cocked her head to one side with mild interest and said, “Yes it is”, before continuing her train of thought.

Liveliness of character, warmth, an animated, pleasant face and, above all, a willingness to go to bed with them; all these are much more attractive to a chap than either a doctorate or a DD cup.

Just to check, I asked Himself whether he stuck with me because of my breasts or my brains. “There’s a difference?” he joked. At least, I hope he was joking.



3 replies on “Do Men Prefer Brains To Busts?”

I like moderately small chested women. I moved half way across the world to avoid women who thought saggy tits made them special.

Brains? Why would I want an intelligent woman? It’s not like I need to depend on her for income. A good appearance, youth and a good attitude are all I want.

Nothing’s sexier to me than a smart woman.
Nothing’s more troublesome to me, than a smart woman.

Damned if I do, damned if i don’t.

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