This Is Why Men Pretend To Be Women Online


Catfishing is a complex virtual game with some online fakers lying about their age, identity and even gender.

Online lying is not just limited to dating sites either, with one study showing that the men are more than three times as likely as women to gender-switch on games such as World of Warcraft.

But why? Enter Reddit, font of all knowledge. This discussion board has revealed why men decide to be women online and the reasons are as varied and diverse as masculinity itself.


This covert operative uses his female profile to acquire inside intelligence on the opposite sex, and is worryingly applauded by his compadres who dub his actions ‘really smart’.

About a decade ago I was on a dating site without much luck and getting very few replies to messages, so I thought the best way to get tips on what not to do was sign up a fake profile as a woman and see what kind of messages were sent and just not do anything that appeared more than once.
I never even said I was a girl, I just played support in League of Legends and was super positive and optimistic. Some dude friended me and gifted me over $50 of skins. Needless to say we got in a curse chat together and his reaction was “your not a girl?!?!” He never asked.

When I was at university we were doing a project on communities and online communities. Our group got assigned to look into and research Second Life as at the time it was still quite a new and current ‘thing’ and as I was the one with the best laptop I got the job of playing it.

We drafted some questions we’d try answer and some kinda short surveys people may answer for data for our presentation at the end and I made a male character that looked like ‘me’ and jumped in.

After visiting a few social hubs and numerous attempts and hours no one would really help out or wouldn’t give us much more than stupid answers. One of the people in the group thought it was just me and came and watched and realised people were kind of unhelpful towards us.

We re-rolled my character as a female, tall, slim, blonde and acted a bit more like a video-game noob. We got more help almost instantly than I’d got in hours. People were hearing our conversations and coming over to volunteer their answers and opinions. Asking if we needed things, showing us places to go. One guy bought us some outfits and gave us some in-game currency and let us have access to his house.

So yeah we pretended to be a female to get a project done.


I played second life and I made my character a skinny blonde raver girl and then I stumbled across a strip club so I got hired as a stripper.

For like 3 months I got on every day and did my stripper job and made those juicy linden bucks but then I was like what the fuck am I doing with my life

*btw I’m a guy

**found my account.

Here’s a list of my outfits

7/9 outfits were dedicated to my stripping career. Friday was topless night. Nude was a VIP service. I took that shit seriously. I knew how to please em and tease em.

That skirt looks like shit idk what I was thinking back then.

I have $L 2300.00. I used to have my own house but It was on someone elses land so I had to pay rent on that but my guess is that I maxed out around L$ 7500 which currently is a whopping $26.70.


TIL I’m nothing but a cheap slut.


Get free shit on runescape

edit: thanks for the gold but I’ll need a little more if you want me to be your gf


My friend has been playing WoW for years. He only plays girl characters and finds guys to pay for his subscription and expansions. Hes a genius
Heh. That in-game currency is bought with real currency, and can be exchanged for real currency. So they really just gave you real money. >_


Back in the day when I still played online poker I used to pose as a girl because male players often wouldn’t take them as seriously – especially if you played tight-aggressive. Anything helps to get an edge, you know. The change in the players’ general behavior was very noticeable. A lot of flirting all of a sudden. Of course not from the majority, but still – it gave me a glimpse into how aggravating things can be for women sometimes

I pretend to be female online when I publish light romance.

In the united states, when I first started writing romance, I got an unpleasant amount of attention as a male author in the genre and found it a lot safer for me to write under a female pen name. Then people read and enjoy the stories, but don’t creep and stalk.


I made a fake account on a dating site, just to see what girls actually have to deal with. I deleted it after I saw over 40 messages and far to many dick pictures.

I had just gotten a new keyboard attachment for my PS3 controller and wanted to test it out so I jumped on PlayStation home and walked around and chatted with people. My avatar was an attractive girl I should point out. So anyways I walked into the bowling alley and sat down next to this random person and struck up a conversation with him. Nothing crazy, just chatting. I really liked this new keyboard. Anyways in the middle of our conversation some other player in a wife beater walks over and starts to hit on me. I should point out that at no point had I said I was a girl, I just had a girl avatar. This new guy starts saying some pretty lewd things and the person I was chatting with literally gets out of the chair and gets in this guys face telling him to “get lost” and “the lady is taken”. It was so absurd to see this person about to fight in a video game over a fictional female I couldn’t stop laughing. After the new guy walks away I jokingly decide to play the female part. I thank this player for saving me from that jerk and its so annoying to be hit on by creeps like that all the time. We talked for about an hour and in this short time span he started to reveal more personal things about himself. He talked about how he didn’t have much luck with women and how he wasn’t able to last long in bed. As the conversation went on it got more sad and I began to feel sorry for this person so I said I had to go and logged off for the night. I logged on to my PlayStation the next day and was greeted with a bunch of messages from this player asking where I’d been and if I wanted to join him on PlayStation home again. I felt a little creeped out by the sheer amount of messages so I ignored them and played some other game. This went on for several days and after a while I got tired of being spammed and replied to this person “pretending to be her brother” and told him my sister was using my PlayStation just for that one night and she went back to college and wouldn’t be home for a few weeks but I’d tell her he was asking about her. He stopped bothering me after that. But it really put into perspective what some women have to deal with on a day to day basis.

TL:DR – I tried to test out my new keyboard in a game and ended up getting harassed for several days.



Had to do it once as an exercise in a computer crimes class. We made our accounts as 12-14 year old girls for a chat room. Within 5-10 mins, there are guys messaging you to turn your cam on, blah blah blah, they would pop up, dick out, just trying to rub one out to you after you tell them youre a young girl. I had a guy from India willing to pay for my flight over THAT DAY to meet him. Then we told them we werent really a 13 year old girl and that their information would be turned over to the police. Good times

Edit: http://wireless.sinclair.edu/syllabus/dspMasterSyllabus.cfm?subjectCode=CJS&courseNo=2209&term=16FA

For those who dont think the class is real for some reason. Here is a master syllabus from the class. I was there several of years ago when I took it. Yes, it does exist and this isnt some sort of “internet points fake story”


I go on omegle every once in a while. It’s almost entirely spam bots, especially the whole underage girl posts. They just drop their link info in the chats en masse hoping to sucker some horny/creepy fool into downloading a virus.

The best policy for getting a decent conversation out of that site is to go into “answer question mode” and immediately disconnect if the stranger opens with “asl?” or something similarly sexual. It’ll take a while wading through all the trash, but eventually you’ll find someone pretty cool.


There was a podcast about how a lady made a male profile of her “ideal man” and saw what suggestions he was getting as far as matches, then changed her profile to match the matches he was getting.

Fun fact about dating sites, they lose money when they find your soulmate so its in their best interest to give you a bunch of mediocre dates so you keep using the service but you’re never satisfied.


I am a female with the summoner name “AngelKD” I like to start the game by saying “Please give me kills i am a pretty girl”. They then assume I’m a fat 40 year old man or they all claim to be girls too. There’s banter- it’s fun.


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