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Men With Dad Bods Are Having More Sex Than Other Dudes, According To Science!


Remember the Dad Bod craze this summer? It all started when a Clemson University girl wrote an essay saying that she was way more attracted to dudes who look like Seth Rogen than she was to super fit guys. Other girls totally agreed with her! Some people — cough, cough Dom Mazetti —compared the dad bod “trend” to ebola! Like true Bros, we published plenty of body image takes on whether the dad bod was good or bad. You probably have an opinion on the topic yourself.

Now there’s some interesting social science on dad bods and getting laid. Dr. David Frederick, an assistant professor in health psychology at Chapman University, published a study on the correlation between height and BMI and sexual partners. The findings appear in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology and are kind of surprising: Dudes who could be classified having “dad bods’ have more sexual partners.


Here’s the breakdown, via Yahoo:

For the study, researchers analyzed the results of an online survey of more than 60,000 heterosexual men and women with a mean age of 37.

The height and BMI of participants directly impacted how many partners they had. Among the findings:

For men:

-Only men classified as “very short” had a lower median number of sexual partners (five), compared to taller men  (seven).
-Men who were overweight and obese had the most sexual partners (eight), followed by those with a normal weight (six).
-Underweight men had the least sexual partners (four).

While the findings that overweight men had more sexual partners than normal weight men (eight and seven partners, verses six, respectively) sound surprising, Frederick says it’s what he expected to find. “Overweight and normal men fit the conventional ideals for men,” he says. “Men are expected to appear tough or athletic. Very slender men can face stigma for not appearing powerful.”

You hear that? The dad bod is power. Science says that your sex life is totally fine — if not straight optimum — with a dad bod. Now excuse me while I go pick up a sixer of Ocktoberfest beer and order another pepperoni pizza for dinner.

Ladies, it’s Netflix and chill season.

Men With Dad Bods Are Having More Sex Than Other Dudes, According To Science!

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