These Are Men’s 5 Biggest Turn Offs On A First Date (According To Reddit)


There’s a falsehood that men aren’t as picky as women when it comes to dating, but they can be just as particular about what they don’t want, even if they’re pretty easy about what they do.

The men of Reddit have taken to the discussion forum with their biggest turn offs on a first date, the Mirror reports.

My biggest would probably just be absence on a first date, but it’s all relative to your own experiences I guess…

…Moving on.


1. Bad Chat

It seems that bad conversation or lack of it completely was a big turn off for guys.

One user wrote that he regularly did all the talking on the date and was met with one word answers and little effort in return.

Or on the other side of things, men said it was a turn off if the other person spoke too much and didn’t show an interest in them.

2. Bad Habits


I think this is a pretty classic one. Depending on the person, some people can’t handle a loud chewer, messy eater, tapping, sniffing…the list is endless.

The biggest one, which I definitely second, is smoking. Lot’s of people said that this would be a deal breaker.


3. Bad Breath

This one goes without saying I thought, but I still find a lot of people’s mouths stink of coffee or cigarettes…no one wants to kiss that.

nujurzy87 agrees and also hates it when women who aren’t single agree to a date with them.


4. Cats…or tiny dogs

I think it’s the smell and attention they need. But I think crazy cat ladies have been painted badly, especially in the Simpsons!

Anyway cats and dogs appear to be a turn off for guys, maybe it’s because they have to compete for attention with them.


Don’t worry though, there are some pet-loving men in the world…


5. Lack of passion

This is probably the biggest one in dating.

Lots of men on the forum go on about how much of a turn on it is when the other person is passionate and driven by something.

Obviously if it’s a passion for taxidermy, hide that away and wait until date number ten, but usually it’s important to talk about what makes you tick!

Put very eloquently, Closetmadscientist said ‘If you’ve got no goals for your life my goal is to avoid you.’

Take those on board for your next Tinder date.


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