MERRY GRINCHMAS: DoorDash Driver Steals Packages From Apartment Lobby


Berkeley police are looking for a food delivery service worker who was caught on surveillance video delivering dinner, then turning around and taking all the packages in the apartment lobby with her as she left.

Police say it happened Saturday evening at an apartment building at 2117 Haste St. in Berkeley.

In the surveillance video posted on social media by Berkeley Police, the suspect is seen handing a bag to an apartment resident, then without hesitation returning to the lobby picking up boxes and other packages, placing them in a post office carrying box and leaving the building.

Cheng says he sent out an email blast to the building and received multiple reports of stolen packages, so he checked the surveillance video and found the thief. He also received an email from a resident who had ordered Indian food from the woman in the video through the DoorDash meal delivery app, Cheng said.

“The DoorDash carrier waited until the lobby was cleared out and then when no one was looking, she proceeded to steal most of the packages from the lobby,” Cheng said.

“We reached out to DoorDash and got a boilerplate email,” said Cheng. “We were very disappointed with their response.”

Cheng says the DoorDash customer who ordered Indian food Saturday later checked her app and found information that could be helpful to law enforcement: a name on the app indicating the identity of the driver.



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People caught stealing on video are not suspects….they are thieves and when apprehended they are to be sent straight to jail/prison or have their fingers/hand cut off! No more bail, trial or parole and sentenced to at least five years in a boot camp type prison….

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