A Message From President-Elect Donald J. Trump – A List Of First-Day Executive Actions

A Message From President-Elect Donald J. Trump – A List Of First-Day Executive Actions


The President-elect shares an update on the Presidential Transition, an outline of some of his policy plans for the first 100 days, and his day one executive actions.

Donald Trump railed against the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a candidate, and now he plans to do far more as president. Trump said Monday in a video address that he would announce a US is withdrawing from the pact on his first day in office. Trump called the pact, a deal among the US and 11 Pacific Rim nations, “a potential disaster” for the nation. “Instead, we will negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back to Amerian shores,” he said. Earlier Monday, Japan’s prime minister discounted the idea of going ahead with the TPP without American participation. “TPP is meaningless without the United States,” Shinzo Abe said.

During the address, Trump listed other executive actions he intends to take “on day one,” reports the Boston Globe, which has a transcript of the speech. Other actions included canceling the “job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy,” instituting “a rule which says that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated,” ordering “a comprehensive plan to protect America’s vital infrastructure from cyber-attacks” to be put together, and imposing “a five-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the Administration—and a lifetime ban on executive officials lobbying on behalf of a foreign government.”

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