Mia Khalifa Allegedly Kicked Out Of Dodgers Game For Punching Fan Trying To Take Selfie

Mia Khalifa Allegedly Kicked Out Of Dodgers Game For Punching Fan Trying To Take Selfie

Another one? Let this be a lesson to all you Mia Khalifa fans out there. She does not like people “sneaking” selfies of her… If you try it seems like she is not afraid to swing right at your face.

Last time it was on the streets, this time it went down “allegedly” at the Dodgers playoff game.

According to BroBible: Mia Khalifa attended Game 1 of the NLCS between the Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers, but from a video circulating around the Internet, it appears the former porn star was escorted out of the stadium.

According to the person taking the video, Mia was kicked out for punching a fan in the face who tried to take a selfie with her.

It’s basically impossible for me to wake up and hate Mia Khalifa any more than the previous day. Whether it’s faking a DM controversy with Gilbert Arenas where they’re basically promoting their show based off of a lie, or “fighting a fan” so she gets noticed and gains “spotlight” to gain word of mouth.

Last time we posted about her Agent 0 was shaming her for sliding in his DMs… That turned out to be them just promoting their show…

So, again this whole thing could just be some dude paid by Complex to get “punched” in the face so she could get kicked out of the game and get in the feed so more people know about her show which will probably suck. But here we are. Spitting it out just how she wants it!

here is the video of her getting kicked out. She hasn’t tweeted about it yet but you know the storm is coming:

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