Mia Khalifa Exposes The “Most Hated Man” On The Internet For Sliding In Her DMs


This dude is a snake and the most hated dude on the entire internet right now!

AAjit Pai has angered many people with his stance on net neutrality, which has effectively removed the rights of ordinary people to access a free and equal internet.

Only last week, Pai voted to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order, causing outrage among many Americans.

His vote was successful and despite this order being sold as ‘Restoring Internet Freedom’, many believe this’ll be detrimental for numerous people, including small business owners and those from marginalised communities.

Now it seems Mia Khalifa isn’t the biggest fan either…

The former adult film actress didn’t hold back when Pai slid into her DM’s, really letting her opinions be known…


The Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) propositioned Mia with an offer she could definitely refuse.

Seizing his chance to score a date with the 24-year-old social media personality, the Republican politician unleashed his inner smooth guy with the following surprising direct message:

Hello Mia, very big fan of your work and was wondering if you would allow me to take you out to dinner sometime? Up to you.

Big mistake, DUDE!


Normally this is where we share the internet shredding Mia for this but not today. Like I said this is the most hated dude on the web!


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