Mia Khalifa Gets Confronted By Former WWE Diva After Comments

I did a little research on this wrestler and I don’t know who would win in a fight here. Mia or Eva… I would pay to watch it 1. and 2. pay double if it was in mud or Jell-O.

Former porn star Mia Khalifa has been slammed by WWE ace Eva Marie after she branded women’s wrestling “embarrassing”.

Sports fan Khalifa spoke out as Ronda Rousey looks set to make switch from UFC to WWE, insisting she had no respect for the sport.

However, Marie has hit back at Khalifa.

She says: “You have to put your body through a lot of physicality with wrestling.

“You’re saying you think it’s fake, however when you get in the ring, you’re really taking those bumps.

“Then when it comes to acting, you’re trying to get out of yourself and be a whole other person, which also helps with WWE, too, because you’re playing a character at the end of the day.

“Some moves are choreographed, so like you’ll go over your finish, whoever’s going to win or lose because that’s predetermined.

“However, when you’re in there, usually you’re just going toe-to-toe.

The uploader of the video wrote: Mia Khalifa gets told the Truth and Real about WWE and it’s not just choreographed and it’s more then UFC and Acting. MIA KHALIFA SHUTS UP!!!!!

Check out the video below:

Here is another video which is a “vlog” from the day this all went down:

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