Mia Khalifa Gets Shut Down By NFL Player On Twitter

Mia Khalifa Gets Shut Down By NFL Player On Twitter


The only thing we love more than Mia blasting people who come at her in the DMs is when the shoe is on the other foot. AKA she gets a little taste of her own medicine on the internet.

She will try and brush this off with the whole “Oh look at me I guess no one likes me” card and make it seem like a joke but you know deep down this whole thing is getting old for her.

How many times can you get Mia Khaflia and Twitter in a title before people stop clicking?

Not today. This is still great. BOOM ROASTED. Here is what went down.

NFL Rookie and TD celebration legend JuJu Smith-Schuster had a perfect response to “sports blogger” and ex-adult film actress Mia Khalifa, when she innocently flirted with him on Twitter.

According to Unilad: Now to be fair to Khalifa, she was probably happy to follow the Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver on Twitter – aside from currently being the youngest player in the NFL, he also has a Rose Bowl Champion with the USC Trojans to his name. So on the girdiron, he ain’t no slouch.

Yet in the same breath, you can’t blame Smith for playing the cautious card – many-a-pro-athlete have coming knocking on Khalifa’s DM’s and she’s burned them all to cinders – but not before exposing their ‘thirst’ to her millions of followers.

It all Started when Khalifa posted a Tweet – tagging the 20-year-old – which stated he was her ‘new favorite follow’:


Flirting is weird now a days seems more like a fan girl move to me. Either way Smith wasn’t going to fall into that trap:


The reactions of the internet were as always… CLASSIC


Naturally Khalifa wasn’t going to take this disrespect lying down (no pun intended).

She took to Twitter, dragging in Smith’s Steelers’ teammate, running back Le’Veon Bell, to ‘come get your mans’:


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