Mia Khalifa’s Latest Photo Has Annoyed A Lot Of People

Mia Khalifa’s Latest Photo Has Annoyed A Lot Of People

Mia Khalifa has caused outraged with her most recent post – a photo of her face superimposed onto the body of the Virgin Mary.

The 24-year-old adult actress posted the photo on her Instagram with the caption ‘When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa’.

It seems Mia was referring to the ridiculous time last week when people online mistook Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate, for the Lebanese former adult webcam model turned social media personality.

Here is the photo of Malala that caused the unnecessary drama…



Malala, who has just started her first term at the University of Oxford, was photographed wearing skinny jeans, and apparently people thought that was an important topic to raise, with some saying they thought it was Mia Khalifa.

I mean, they’re both a bit brown and wear glasses…that’s literally where the similarities end.

So I imagine Mia saw the insanity of the comparison and decided to take the piss out of it, because she has a pretty good sense of humour.

…Unlike a lot of people on the Internet who have threatened her, told her she is blasphemous, and generally stood indignant in the face of her joke.

Here is Mia’s virgin Mary composition…

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When a news outlet mistakes Malala for Mia Khalifa

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There are a whole host of reasons I can think of why this might offend the entire internet, one of which is the use of a religious figure, for anything.

This has been taken as a big disrespect to Christianity, though I imagine all Mia was trying to do was be self deprecating about the fact that she definitely is not a virgin.

It’s not completely clear what Mia is trying to say, but what is clear, is that most people really didn’t like it.

One commenter wrote: 

One thing for sure, you will rot in hell

While others called her a ‘disgrace’ and said ‘after this act I will never look at your videos anymore’ (sounds like cutting off your nose to spite your face).

This isn’t the first controversy Mia has caused. Back in June the darling of the adult industry turned social media personality and sports commentator was all over Twitter following reports that she hit a fan in the face.

The man behind the Internet storm goes under the name Hudspeth, a 20-year-old Texan who is supposedly in the US Army.


Posting to the social media site, Hudspeth claimed he tried to get a selfie with Mia and she hit him in the face ‘leaving a bruise’.

People from across the globe have defended Mia, with some even responding to Huspeth’s tweet claiming that when they tried to get a selfie with her she was exceptionally friendly and obliging.

Mia even responded to one of the replies claiming:

You were the sweetest. Thank you for asking me nicely rather than jumping in front of me while I was walking and shoving a cam in my face.



In a much less controversial move, Mia donated her entire September income from Twitch.TV, which totalled $5,110.70, to the Hurricane Harvey Relief fund.

The 24-year-old adult actress posted a photo of her $5,110.70 donation to the George H. W Bush Presidential Library Foundation on Instagram.

So I think she was just ripping the ridiculous comparison between the two girls to pieces and, as usual, some people got angry about it.

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