Michael Jackson Ran Highly Sophisticated Child Sexual Abuse Operation, Says Accuser

Michael Jackson Ran Highly Sophisticated Child Sexual Abuse Operation, Says Accuser



Australian choreographer Wade Robson added a negligence complaint to a lawsuit he filed against MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, two entertainment companies formerly controlled by Michael Jackson. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the motion claims that the two companies essentially operated as fronts for finding and grooming children as potential victims of sexual abuse by the late pop star.

“MJJ Productions operated the most sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation operation the world has known,” said Robson’s lawyer, Vince Finaldi. “Although MJJ Productions on its face was a multimedia company dedicated to creating and distributing Michael Jackson’s music and entertainment, it actually served a dual purpose, and that was locating, producing and enabling his sexual abuse of kids.”


Robson accused Jackson and the employees of his companies of orchestrating “what is likely the most sophisticated public child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation organization the world has known.”

Robson first met Jackson in Australia when he was five years old after winning a dance contest run by MJJ productions. Two years later, Robson and his family visited Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, where the boy allegedly slept with Jackson in his bed while his family slept in a separate room.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

It was that weekend, Robson claims, that Jackson first sexually abused him. He was seven years old.

The graphically detailed complaint describes encounters ranging from French kissing to penetrative sex. Robson claims the abuse continued until he was 14, but became less frequent when he “began showing signs of puberty” and Jackson was “no longer as interested in him sexually.”

Robson was previously coached by Jackson to testify on the pop star’s behalf during a civil suit by another alleged molestation victim, but the choreographer didn’t come to terms with his own abuse until undergoing therapy following a nervous breakdown in 2012.

Allegations that Jackson sexually abused children who visited the Neverland Ranch began surfacing in 1993 and paid cash settlements to several accusers. In 2005, Jackson was tried on criminal charges related to molesting a 13-year-old boy, but was ultimately acquitted. He died four years later.

In March, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department raided the late Jackson’s estate and uncovered a stockpile of “gruesome porn” that law enforcement speculated was used to groom prospective sexual abuse victims.



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My wife I’d a big fan and consequently so are my kids. One day they’ll discover all this flipside to their idol.

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