Michigan Driver Claims NWA’s ‘F— Tha Police’ Lyrics Got Him Ticketed

A Michigan driver ticketed for blaring NWA’s “F— Tha Police” too loudly at a gas station earlier this week now is accusing the officer of singling him out over the song’s anti-cop lyrics.

James Webb told Fox 2 Detroit that he turned the song up on his vehicle’s stereo on purpose after seeing an Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy talking to another man who was pulled over at a gas station in Pontiac on Tuesday.

“I meant to do it to the officer, but as a form of protest,” Webb said. “It was already up, but I turned it up louder. Didn’t mean no violence, nothing, as a complete form of protest.”

Webb said he went into the store, but when he came out, the officer took his license and handed him a ticket citing him for a noise violation.

In a police report obtained by Fox 2 Detroit, the officer wrote that he “explained to James that I was not offended by his choice of music and or the song he chose to play while at the gas station,” but that the “language in the music might be offensive to other patrons.”

“Reading my rights and s—, it’s all junk / Pulling out a silly club, so you stand / With a fake-a– badge and a gun in your hand / But take off the gun so you can see what’s up / And we’ll go at it, punk, and I’ma f— you up!” goes a verse in the song, which is filled with coarse language.

But Webb and his attorney are denying the officer’s statement.

“If the officer is saying it wasn’t the content of the music, it’s quite a coincidence then. The name of the song being ‘F— tha Police,’ and he’s a police officer, I wonder if he would write the same ticket if he heard a song called ‘I love the police,” his attorney, Nicholas Somberg, said in an interview with the station. “James had an absolute right, First Amendment right, to play whatever music he likes really wherever he likes.”

Webb added that “I know it was because of the content and not the decibels, because he did not give me a warning, he did not say get out of there, he didn’t pull out a decimeter, he just straight wrote me a ticket.”

Police told Fox 2 Detroit that they are investigating the incident and have not yet reviewed dashcam footage recorded by the officer.

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