A Middle School Is Changing It’s ‘Controversial’ Name And Asked The Public For Suggestions. Bad Idea. Very Bad Idea

Remember in middle school when the principal put that ‘Suggestion Box’ outside her office so 12-year-olds could give their input on how adults should do their jobs? And after a whole 3 days it was gone, never to be seen again, because you took the liberty of drawing a cock and balls and dropping it in the box and then blaming it on snot-nosed Billy with the gingivitis and the perpetual bacon collar.

This happened in every school in America. Which highlights the lesson: never, under any circumstance, ask the public’s advice on things when they are allowed to answer anonymously. Well, you could ask them, but you’ll end up with the results a Texas middle school just got.

The Austin Independent School District has decided to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary in a divisive move that angered many (Lee was arguably the greatest general in American history but committed treason by withdrawing from the Army and taking up arms in a rebellion against the United States). But that’s neither here nor there.

District officials asked the public to chime in online at what they believed the new name change should be. Things went poorly. So gloriously poorly.

According to KXAN, the top 10 renaming recommendations (sorted by most nominated) are:

Donald J. Trump Elementary: 45 nominations
Robert E. Lee Elementary: 34 nominations
Russell Lee Elementary: 32 nominations
Harper Lee Elementary: 30 nominations
Elisabet Ney Elementary: 15 nominations
Lee Elementary: 13 nominations
Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance: 8 nominations
Waller Creek Elementary: 8 nominations
Dr. Frances J. Nesmith Elementary School: 7 nominations
Guy Bizzell Elementary: 6 nominations

This is why we can’t have nice things.  When everything is nice nothing is nice. I dont know about you, but i’m voting for Adolf Hitler.



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