Middle School Teacher Facing Sex Crime Charges

Even in the middle of July the teacher crimes against students keep rolling in. Today we’re hitting North Dakota where Shannon Moser, a former middle school teacher at Liberty Middle School in West Fargo, is facing three felony sex crime charges involving teenage boys.

According to the Grand Forks Herald, Moser, 37, allegedly shared explicit Snapchats with two minors and had sexual intercourse with one. She’s been hit with two counts of using a minor in a sexual performance and another count of sexual assault.

Pertinent details from the report:

West Fargo police received an anonymous tip in June that Moser was having sex with a male student in Rendezvous Park in West Fargo and giving him electronic tobacco products.

More anonymous complaints came in alleging that Moser had shared nude Snapchat photos with a 16-year-old West Fargo student.

Police interviewed the student on July 3, and the student denied an inappropriate relationship with Moser, but police interviewed the student’s friend who claimed the student had talked about having sex with Moser in the park.

Police re-interviewed the student, who had told his mother that he had sex with Moser. The student told police he had known Moser personally for about two years, as she was considered a family friend. They had added each other on Snapchat in May or early June, and she began sending him sexually explicit photos and messages.

After about three days, the student said Moser asked to meet, and the two met at Rendezvous Park sometime in early June during the evening. The boy got in her van, and they drove west of West Fargo, where she pulled over on a gravel road and the two had sex.

As far as the second victim is concerned, he says he received racy Snaps from Moser, but didn’t have sex with her. The science teacher resigned from her job on July 12.

The report notes Moser mentioned she had a husband and four children during an interview with police in which she denied the allegations.

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