Mike Tyson Explains How He Ended Up With Pet Tigers

Mike Tyson Explains How He Ended Up With Pet Tigers

Mike Tyson was once one of the baddest men on the planet, as he was actually feared by other guys who immediately regretted walking into a ring with him. The former world heavyweight champion of the world has undergone a bit of a transformation in the past decade or so, but don’t be mistaken, the guy could knockout a steel plate back in the day; presumably.

With all the fame and money that Mike Tyson earned during his boxing career, he was well-known for blowing it on a bunch of different things. Mansions, trips, jewelry, cars; you name it, Mike Tyson could buy it. And, the things he was buying back then weren’t exactly cheap.

Famously known for having pet tigers at one point in his life, Iron Mike joined The Joe Rogan Experience podcast to talk about how he ended up with cubs in the first place. And, in true Mike Tyson fashion, the story is as interesting as he is.

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