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‘Mild Panic’ Over What’s Missing From New White House Site

‘Mild Panic’ Over What’s Missing From New White House Site is the official website of the president, and the minute President Trump replaced President Obama on Friday, the website underwent a major change, the BBC reports. Pages regarding climate change, LGBT rights, and science policies were deleted, creating a “mild panic” online. According to the Daily Beast, pages dealing with civil rights and health care were also scrubbed. Obama’s version of still exists online courtesy of the National Archives, which backed it up, Motherboard reports.

The deleting of webpages about a former president’s policies is normal and shouldn’t be cause for concern, though some Americans would be justified in being concerned about what they were—or weren’t—replaced with this time around. The only reference to climate change on is now a promise from Trump to repeal Obama’s Climate Action Plan, part of the new president’s “America First Energy Plan.” There’s also no mention of LGBT rights, and the civil rights page was replaced with one called “Standing Up for Our Law Enforcement Community.”

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