Miley Cyrus Fans Tricked Into Believing She Is Banging Obama

Miley Cyrus is a home wrecker trying to step in on the former president?! WHAT?! This can’t be real… This shows just what can happen when a story catches the dumb part of the internet and they start running it like its #RealNews.

Miley posted a picture that looked like she was hanging out with President Obama. Keyword there is Miley posted it.

The picture started making its rounds when people wondered what they were doing out together. They must be sneaking around… EVEN THOUGH SHE POSTED THE DAMN PIC! Worst cheater ever.

It comes with the past I guess. Miley has been known to be a wildcard and people thought that breaking up a marriage was in her wheelhouse. They also don’t understand photoshop.

We have seen Miley do some crazy shit. Like REAL crazy shit. Like have her fans rub on her crotch during a show:

This was real. There is video proof of it!

Or the time she got caught making out with a model who was getting a little extra happy with those fingers.

Again, this was real. There is video proof of it!

So when people see that she is the “alleged side chick” of Obama it is not hard for people to believe it. People are stupid. Remember that.

When she reposted it, the fire started. Peocouldn’tun’t handle it.

Even though the real pic was only a few searches away….

The picture started blowing up after one of her fan accounts that has 600,000 followers (YES… 600k!) posted it as a real pic saying that something had to be going on. Just like that, the rumor started and people (dumb people) started losing her shit and calling her a home wrecker. First of all, they could be friends, second of all… it’s clearly a photoshop and a joke. Third, just shows how crazy someones live can get destroyed.

When you throw in 100,000s of dumb people believing everything on the web. It is game over.


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