Military Spokeswoman Accidentally Posts Nude Selfie On Defense Ministry’s Official Instagram Account


This is Rossiyana Markovskaya, a stunning 27 year old woman who was appointed to be a spokesperson for the Russian Military.

Aside from her official role with the government, she is also known for her love of posting photos of herself on Instagram.

When the Russian defence ministry’s official Instagram (accidentally) account posted a photo of a nude woman, almost instantly people knew it was her.

The account is normally used to showcase military weapons and tactics but no one was expecting to see those type of “guns”.

The image was quickly removed and officials deny the woman in the photograph was Markovskaya, and the incident was promptly blamed on hackers.

 Here is the SFW version of the selfie in question. What do you think, is Russia working on a unique strategy of promoting its military, or are they just developing a new type of “bombshell?”

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