Millennials Want Spain To Change Their Word For Black Because ‘It’s Racist’


PSA: When it comes to debating semantics, context is everything.


Just ask this woman, who was dubbed racist by some Twitter folk because she named her dog Negro for his black fur.

The user, who goes by the handle @rebeca_macias18, tweeted about her missing dog:

Where you might imagine the replies would be ones of support for the evidently upset pet owner, instead, the top tweet criticises the Hispanic woman for her choice of dog name, Negro.


@Luyanda_D__ said she was ‘stating the obvious’ by calling Rebeca out:

Quickly, the debate gained traction.

Some people called out the entire Spanish language for racially aggravating, even though the modern racist slur was taken from the original Spanish word, which was not intended to be used to describe people or the colour of an individual’s skin.

Other observers were quick to defend Rebeca. Pretty much everyone noted ‘negro’ is the Spanish word for the colour black and not a racist slur in this particular context.

While some even pointed out the pronunciations vary and the anthropological meaning of the word ‘negro’ in Spanish is no longer in common use, others added the commentator was too ‘quick to pull the race card’.

Other people defended Rebeca, saying their dogs were also named after the colour of their fur:

Rebeca’s original tweet went viral on Saturday 20 January, garnering 1,190 Retweets and 1,622 Likes, as well as the onslaught of debate in the comments section.

Just 10 hours ago, Rebeca tweeted this statement:

Meanwhile, the young woman has received lots of support and well wishes from fellow animal lovers.

It’s unclear whether her dog has been found at this stage.

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