This Minnesota High School Coach Claims She Doesn’t Remember Having Sex With A 13-Year-Boy


Well, I guess she could have also gone with the “I didn’t know he was 13” defense.
Noonan, who coached at Champlin Park High School, recently pleaded guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old boy, but here’s where it gets even more bizarre: she claims to not be responsible because she says she was under the influence. Sure thing, Rebecca.


Noonan pled guilty to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct after having sex with the boy in his home, and get this, while his mom was away. Wow. Noonan, in her court questionnaire, stated that she “was so drunk or so under the influence of drugs or medicine that I did not know what I was doing at the time of the crime.”

According to the Star Tribune, “Noonan’s acknowledgment came in what is called a Norgaard plea, which defendants make when contending that intoxication or amnesia prevents them from recalling what they are alleged to have done.

Her plea deal also allows for what is called a “stay of adjudication,” meaning that Noonan’s case will be dismissed if she meets all requirements demanded of her after sentencing. Currently, the court has ordered that Noonan undergo a psychosexual evaluation ahead of sentencing in April.”

The incident went down after Noonan climbed into the boy’s bed naked and then had sex with him. Noonan also told the teen to keep the encounter secret, otherwise she could go to prison for a long time.

And the kid spilled the beans of course.

I don’t care how drunk or high you are, a normal, sane person doesn’t hook up with a child. Plain and simple.

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