Miss Bumbum Winner Reveals She Left Husband To Compete In Brazil’s Famous Booty Contest

Brazil celebrates booty-full women with their annual Miss Bumbum contest and this year’s winner gave up her husband to compete.

Rosie Oliveira insists she doesn’t regret leaving him to pursue her childhood dream of being named as one of Brazil’s most beautiful bottoms.

Rosie, who burst into tears after she was announced the competition’s winner at a glitzy ceremony in Sao Paulo, said, “He told me to choose between this and him. But I’d already entered the competition without him knowing.

“It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made. I’ve dreamed of this moment since I was a child, I wasn’t going to let my husband get in the way. It’s still sinking in, I still can’t believe it actually happened. I’m pinching myself to see if I might still wake up.”

I bet he’s hating his ultimatum now.

But she added: “I know people all over Brazil expect much from their Miss Bumbum, and I wont let them down. I want Brazil to get better, so we have health, education and security for all.”

For winning a ‘who’s ass is better contest’ it seems like these ladies have a lot of power in politics.

Previous winners have gone on to earn millions in endorsements, appearances and magazine shoots, including last year’s winner Erica Canela, who became an instant celebrity and starred in a reality show in Portugal.

Judge Gisele Alquas said she was looking for charisma and not just a big butt.

“The winner of Miss Bumbum represents the Brazilian bottom outside of Brazil, so it’s not just about their bottom. They need to have charisma and have a captivating personality too, so that’s what I’m looking out for. The bottom is Brazil’s national obsession. Much more than their breasts or any other part of their body, women here take more care of their backsides.”

No arguing there, Judge.

We all need to do what Brazil is doing.


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