MMA Fighter Suffers Brutal Injury Leaving People Horrified

MMA is a full-contact combat sport so it’s no wonder injuries are pretty frequent.

But just when you think you have seen every kind of injury possible from the bizarre to the gory, something even more shocking comes along. Something not for the faint of heart.

This was certainly the case at the Legacy Fighting Alliance 39 event which took place at Dodson Arena in Vail, Colorado, on Friday night (May 4).

Fighters Brandon Royval and Jerome Rivera stepped into the cage to go toe-to-toe with each other in a flyweight bout that ended in a rather gruesome fashion.

Exchanging fists, during the fight Rivera seemed to dislocate his arm leaving it dangling rather unnaturally as he tried to escape from Royval’s clutches.

Unfortunately for poor Rivera he had to suffer a number of strikes before the referee noticed the injury and called the fight to a stop giving Royval a TKO victory after only 40 seconds.

I really don’t know how he missed the arm flailing about though! Arms shouldn’t do that!

You can watch footage of the injury here but be warned – you cannot unsee it:

People on social media have been wishing Rivera the best with his recovery while also wincing at the painful looking injury.

Collin Cantrell felt bad for Rivera tweeting:

After I watched the AXS TV replay I saw how it happened. It really sucks to have a fight end that way. I love that kid.

Alexander K Lee sent his best to the fighter writing:

At Legacy Fighting Alliance 39 on Friday, flyweight Jerome Rivera suffered one of the ugliest arm injuries I’ve ever seen

Seriously, I don’t care how hardened you are as an MMA fan, this one is tough to watch

Best of luck in recovery, young man!

Matthew Pearlman was left rather shocked by the footage commenting on Twitter:

That’s the most disgusting injury I’ve seen in a while. Jerome Rivera dislocates his arm completely – hope he’s alright.

You would have thought it would be impossible to shock MMA fans with gruesome injuries as they aren’t exactly rare.

Only last month fighter Jack Mason was almost scalped at the Cage Warriors 93 event (April 28).

In his defeat against Norwegian Hakon Foss, Mason is seen trying to back away from the fighter as he becomes bombarded with punches and kicks.

You can watch footage from the fight here:

Although it is not clear which blow nearly split Mason’s skill, Foss certainly had an impact as seen in a video shared by fellow MMA man, John Maguire, on Twitter.

It really is the worst cut we have seen like ever!

Check it out below but be warned, it’s really gory:

Although we don’t know for sure – we aren’t doctors here  – the injury appears to be a laceration just above the eyebrow about an inch deep. Ouch!

We wish Rivera and Mason all the best with their recoveries. Get well soon!


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