Mob Attacks Bystander Trying To Break Up McDonald’s Brawl!

BROOKLYN (PIX11) — Another disturbing teen melee broke out inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s Friday, and this time, the brawlers turned their violence on an innocent man trying to break the fracas up and on employees of the fast food joint.Two young girls begin trading blows, and people try to tear them apart. An older gentleman in a hat tries to diffuse the situation, but is turned on by the teen boys crowding around, who seemed to have been enjoying the fight. The narrator, Don Balmain, can be heard gleefully yelling, “Kill him!” interspersed with laughs. Total chaos breaks out in the restaurant, with teens fighting with cashiers over the counter. The teens eventually chase the older man outside, with the goon behind the camera screaming, “Kill him right now!” A woman stands in front of him to shield him from the mob. The cameraman shouts, “They can’t help you!”

One reply on “Mob Attacks Bystander Trying To Break Up McDonald’s Brawl!”


Laughing stock of the world.

EDIT: Oh wait, it just occurred to me that white Americans don’t associate themselves with the people in videos like this. Rest assured, people around the world see you as stewing in the same pot. If you see this and don’t think it applies to “USA USA USA!” then next time you are at a sporting event, you should really be chanting “White America, White America, White America!”

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