Model Blasts Dudes ‘Dick Pic’ To Her 130k Followers To Send A Message To The Creeps

GYk0yeC[1]Some day dudes will learn their lesson and hopefully some dick pic etiquette. The first rule of sending a dick pic should be: DON’T SEND IT IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE PERSON.

Why do dudes think sending an unwarranted dick pic is going to work? If the girl is out of your league sending a picture of your dick isn’t going to seal the deal. Man, I have already said dick a bunch this post.

A blogger/model has shared a ‘dick pic’ with her followers in order to highlight the abuse she receives regularly.


Stina Sanders says she receives ‘inappropriate messages around three times a week.’


In a blog post named ‘I don’t want to see your penis!’ – she wrote: “No woman deserves to be sent an image that they have not asked for.

“You wouldn’t get your penis out in public (although if you do please seek help) so whysend me a photo?”

That is what I just said Stina. Maybe dudes will listen to you:


The picture has received a large amount of feedback. This has included some users who believe that she ‘deserves’ the harassment.

One guy wrote: “You deserve every dick image coming your way. If you pose in underwear, what do you expect?”


Another added: “You can’t post these inviting photos and then complain when you get these types of photos back. It’s not harassment if you want it!”


Stina told the Lad Bible: “I tend to ignore negative comments and reply to the followers who are positive or have something good to say.

“I never respond to trolls unless I can think of something witty, but to be honest the best solution with keyboard warriors is to block them.


You tell ’em Stina.



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