Model Elle Johnson Is Supporting The Woman Who Was Kicked Off A Plane For Cleavage By Showing Off Her Own Boobs

Now that’s how to support one another.

A few days ago we shared a story about a woman who was actually kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight after flight attendants informed her that she was showing off her cleavage too much.



Photo: Facebook

Of course you do. The majority of people of course believed that this was an absurd reason to kick someone off a plane, and guess what? Model Elle Johnson also thinks it’s absurd. So Johnson decided to not only support this woman, but to bash Spirit Airlines as well. And Johnson took it to her Instagram in order to be all about this hashtag: FreeTheCleavage. Yep, nothing wrong with that at all.

Take a look at the photos that the model shared thanks to her Instagram.

Now this is the type of support we need more of. I’m glad Johnson is going out of her way to support this woman. And I’m glad we get to enjoy how she does it.

Check out more photos of Johnson.


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