Model Embarking On ‘Oral Sex Tour’ For All ‘No’ Voters In Italy’s Referendum


Over the last six months or so, politics has been rife across social media. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion, but it could be argued that celebrities use their social power to influence their fans on what they vote for. In many respects, and relating it to Trump and Brexit, you could say that has massively backfired.

Everyone has their ways of manipulating political stand points, whether that be through videos, pictures, Tweets, Facebook statuses or gifts, but it seems Italian model Paola Saulino had a rather outside the box technique for persuading voters.

The model had previously stated that she’d be embarking on an ‘oral sex tour’, with everyone who voted ‘no’ against Italy’s recent referendum invited. And seeming as the no vote won, that’s an awful lot of people.


The 27-year-old used the pretty blatant manipulative idea earlier in the year, and has now claimed she’s a “woman of her word,” with the tour beginning in January.

She’s announced dates and locations for it, starting in Rome on January 7, before heading to Florence, Bologna, Verona, Milan, Torino, Napoli, Bari and Lecce, before ending in Palermo on January 21.

“Hello guys. To address the many requests, I’ve organised [the tour] this way,” she wrote on Instagram. “Someone asked me how far this story will go, I replied that it will go ahead.

“These are the first Italian dates. My idea is to have a period that will not go beyond December 2018, taking into account my commitments and the fact that I reside permanently in Italy.

“This is it, now I cannot write a Bible but follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more clarification on the tour.”

One look at her Instagram account shows that she’s a fan of the art of fellatio, showing off her skills on lollipops, bananas and all sorts.

Io faccio le prove prima del referendum #referendum #no #pom #fuckyou #power #positive #blöwjöb #permeèno #followme

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Similarly, Madonna said she’d perform a sex act on anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton in the recent US election, something that hasn’t yet come to fruition. And probably another reason why Trump won.

In the referendum, Italian voters rejected changes to the constitution, leading Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to resign, taking blame for the defeat.

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