Model Has Embarrassing ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ On Red Carpet


A plus-sized model suffered a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ on the red carpet at Cannes, losing her entire skirt and showing off her undies to the waiting photographers.


Yulia Rybakova, a Russian model, was wearing a long, red skirt and matching top, while she was busy posing up a storm for the photographers she failed to notice that some dude was stood on the bottom of her skirt. Recipe for disaster, this.

As she tried to walk away, the skirt part of the dress stretched before ripping off in a Bucks Fizz-style fashion (ask your mum).

Poor Yulia was then left stood there in just her top and knickers while photographers took a flurry of snaps.

The man who ripped the dress was quick to offer his assistance, in what could have been a very misguided move, but luckily for him was well-received by Yulia.

And it seems as though the model saw the funny side of the embarrassing incident, with photos of her being helped out while grinning. I’m not sure I’d be feeling as chipper having just flashed my underpants to hundreds of people with cameras, but there we are.

However, since appearing online, some have questioned whether the whole thing was a set-up to get Yulia a bit of viral fame – if it was, it’s worked, to be fair, I mean, I’m writing about it and you’re reading about it, so fair play to her if that was her plan.

One doubter wrote: “This really looks like a set up.” While another added: “Such a cheap trick!” Hopefully she’ll use her new-found-viral fame to achieve the 2018 dream of flogging teeth-whitening kits and ‘detox tea’ on Instagram.

Credit: CEN

Others have fought back and said it’s unlikely she would have exposed herself like that just for a bit of attention, but it’s not like people haven’t done worse.

In between modelling jobs, Yulia also recorded a song called ‘Putin’ under a nickname Lady Fortuna. The track was part of her album called Leaders. Doesn’t that sound good? I’ll keep my ear out for that one.

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