Model From Viral Boot Rejection Video Speaks Out On Incident

I feel like if the right person sneezes these days it can go viral. I must have saw this video 50 times since last night.

Everyone keeps reposting it and I got to the point where I wanted to know what the hell was going on. Lucky for me, the model from the video tweeted about the situation.

First if you haven’t seen the video here it is below:

When the video started blowing up, of course the internet had to give the girl a name:

The girlfriend is now known as #BootBae ( I know fucking stupid ) and the internet starting shitting on the model.


First, she tweeted:

Then told BuzzFeed:

Jordan Smith was asked to be a date auction at a scholarship fundraiser for the University of Houston Nigerian Student Association.

She said all she was doing was working the crowd to get bids up for a good cause.

Smith said she was specifically asked to be a part of the event by one of the organizers because they thought prospective suitors would bid high for a date.

“They thought I would have a good chance at getting bids,” she said.
“I was supposed to do something to entice the crowd to get my bids up and I didn’t really notice the couple,” Smith explained. “I just saw a guy.”

She should take a page from the cash me ousside girls playbook and milk this thing for all the money she can!