Modular Body Parts Are Coming

Modular Body Parts Are Coming

modularbodyArtificial intelligence, advancing exponentially, Biotechnology, mastering the information processes of biology & Nano technology, patterning atoms, the building blocks of the material world. These three overlapping revolutions, all set to usher in a new “consciousness reset” & remake the world as we know it!- Jason Silva!

Thanks to Hollywood and the publishing industry, science fiction has for the last several years been diluted into some very tired dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and cyberpunk tropes. In a lot of ways, multimedia artists have picked up the slack. Maxim Zhestkov recently did it with Epsilon, a series of exquisite 3D images of a scientific base on an alien planet. And Daniel Arsham has been doing for the last several years with his Future Relicseries, which explores a climate change-impacted world in abstract ways.

Dutch filmmaker and visual artist Floris Kaayk throws down his own gauntlet with The Modular Body, a series of 56 interconnected videos that constitute an over-arching online science fiction storytelling project. This sprawling online narrative, designed in collaboration with LUSTlab, calls to mind the recent internet rabbit hole that was Adult Swim’s This House Has People in It. As the trailer details, The Modular Body tells the kaleidoscopic narrative of The Oscar Project, a scientific effort led by fictional researcher Cornelis Vlasman to bioengineer a modular lifeform. This modular entity, which vaguely resembles the “facehugger” from Alien, is named Oscar.

Check out the website here.

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