Mom Bakes Hilarious Apology Cake After Wrongly Accusing Daughter Of Taking Every Drug She Can Think Of




Moms aren’t perfect, we all know this, as they sometimes make as many mistakes as we do. But a good mom also knows that the sincere way to fix anything is to bake something so that we can forget everything while we are stuffing out face. That’s why the mom who used a drunk photo of her daughter off Facebook in order to make a cake was quickly forgiven.

But what about a mom who wrongly accuses her daughter of using drugs?

Rachel Gelmis‘ mom came down hard on Rachel after learning she had failed a drug test at school, as traces of THC, cocaine, heroin, meth, benzos and barbiturates was found in her system. And because of this Rachel’s mom had an “emotional breakdown and started researching different rehab facilities,” according to a tweet from Rachel.

The only issue? The school had made a mistake and had admitted they “misread the test.” How in God’s name do you do that?

Rachel was quickly cleared of all traces of drugs, so her mom thought this was the best way to apologize:



“Sorry we thought you did meth & coke & pot & heroin,” the cake reads in blue icing.

And even after all this the school has yet to apologize for their dumb move, because if it is one thing that people at school teach you it is this: never apologize for your mistakes, but bash others for theirs.

That’s the American way.


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