Mom And Daughter Royally Screw With Guy’s Head After They Realize They’ve BOTH Matched Him On Dating App

Zack knows what I’m talking about. He’d recently moved from Essex to Manchester and so, presumably on a night similar to that described, he set himself up on Badoo to see what he could find.


That night he found 37-year-old Vicky and 20-year-old Chelsey also perusing the app. As any lad would, he started talking to each of them.

Little did he know Vicky and Chelsey share the surname Rochford and are, in fact, mother and daughter. Vicky and Chelsey however, they of course knew they were mother and daughter and so decided to tease Zack along for a bit before dropping the bomb.

Here are the conversations side-by-side (Chelsey left, Vicky right)…



Genuinely, the best part about it is that Zack actually continues trying it on with them both even after he knows they’re laughing at him.

Fair play to the lad, he’s shown some balls (metaphorically speaking, we hope not literally). I’d be under a rock if that happened to me.


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