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Mom Leaves for 6 Minutes, Twins Drown In Washer

Mom Leaves for 6 Minutes, Twins Drown In Washer


It’s a parent’s worst nightmare—leave your kids alone for a few minutes and suffer their loss for the rest of your life. Such is the tragic tale out of India, where a mother of twin 3-year-old boys says she stepped out of their Delhi home for six minutes to grab laundry detergent and came home to what appeared to be an empty house, reports the Hindustan Times. The truth was even worse. When her husband rushed home from work to help look for twins Nishant and Nakshya (the parents even began scanning CCTV footage taken outside the house in case of a kidnapping), he ultimately found them stuck head-down in their top-loading washing machine, which had filled with enough water to drown them both. They were rushed to the hospital, but they’d been without oxygen for too long.

While officers have found no evidence of foul play, an inquiry into the boys’ deaths is likely, and their bodies are being autopsied, reports the Indian Express. It appears that the boys, who’d just been undressed for a bath, climbed onto the pile of clothes next to the washing machine, peered inside, and fell head-first into the small space, unable to move or escape. “They came into this world naked, they have left naked,” their grandmother mourns. The couple have a 10-year-old son who was at school during the tragedy, reports the Independent. “The family is inconsolable,” a police officer tells NDTV.

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sadly this must happen often since all 5 gallon buckets have labels that warn that just 2 inches of water can kill

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