Mom Left Baby In Hot Car For Stripper Audition

Mom Left Baby In Hot Car For Stripper Audition: Cops


There are the oops moments that every parent has, and then there is the case of 24-year-old Kelsey McMurtry: Nashville police say McMurtry left her 13-month-old daughter locked in her vehicle on a 72-degree day—clad in a heavy coat, with the windows closed—while she auditioned at a strip club called Deja Vu Showgirls, reports WSBV-TV. Passersby noticed the child and called police, who estimate that temperatures inside the car had surpassed 100 degrees, who found her soaked in sweat.

McMurtry’s friend, Summer Taylor, 19, said she was keeping an eye on the child, but police and witnesses say Taylor was inside the club watching the audition, reports WKRN. Both women were charged with child neglect; McMurtry was additionally charged with criminal impersonation for lying to cops about her identity so as to avoid a previous warrant. The child was taken to the hospital and is in the hands of Department of Children’s Services.


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She’d look OK in make up, so yeah, I’d hire her. Better check for cesarean scars though. Ain’t nobody got time for that shit.

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