Mom Posts Photo Breastfeeding Friend’s Son And Own Kid As ‘Milk Brothers’ – WRONG OR NATURAL?


Jessica Anne Colletti poses with her son (r.) and her friend’s son for Breastfeeding Week.

The more the milkier.

Pennsylvania mom Jessica Colletti says breast-feeding is so nice, she’s doing it twice — for her own son and a friend’s. And the friend likes the plan so much, she moved in with Colletti and her husband.

“It just seemed like the natural thing to do because I was already breast-feeding my son,” said Colletti.

The milky situation started last year after Colletti met Charlie Interrante, 25, at a magazine photo shoot for new mothers, and Interrante mentioned her trouble nursing her son, Mateo, now 18 months old.  Interrante wasn’t able to pump her own milk for Mateo at her job as a barber, and Mateo had trouble digesting formula, Colletti said.

Colletti offered to feed him along with her own son Lucian, now 16 months — and the women became “inseparable,” Colletti said.

The babies, too.

“They’re milk brothers … they will always have that bond,” said Colletti, who nearly broke the Internet Saturday when she posted a photo of herself feeding the boys on the blog Mama Bean.


Mateo (l.) and Lucian (r.) enjoy a healthy diet for toddlers, Colletti said.

“This looks like … a porn film,” Brent Petit wrote. Another commenter, Mary Goodson added, “OH GOOD GRIEF. What the HELL is wrong with people?!?!?!”

Area mothers thought the concept of double-breastfeeding was beautiful — except for their own kids. “I would never do it,” said Matawan mom Leigh Cherrier, who is nursing a 7-month-old girl.

Such comments haven’t latched onto Colletti. “I’m doing the best thing for my babies,” the 27-year-old told the Daily News. “No one could tell me otherwise.”

Jessica Colletti (l.) and her son Lucian pose with Charlie Interrante and her son, Mateo.

She insists there’s nothing sexual about the “family unit” Interrante, Colletti and her IT consultant husband Ben have created in the Conshohocken, Pa., home. “

Critics are just misinformed because they wrongly sexualize” breast-feeding, Colletti said.

The arrangement is only about chore-sharing and child-raising. Interrante said she’s grateful for the help.

“She knew I was in pain every day,” she said. “She’s the best mom I’ve ever known. I don’t trust many people with my son.”

The trio is set to be on “Good Morning America” Wednesday.


Mom Posts Photo Breastfeeding Friend’s Son And Own Kid As ‘Milk Brothers’ – WRONG OR NATURAL?

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If all the parents involved are happy and the kids don’t seem to mind, who cares?

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