Mom Responds To “Bullies” Who Were Mad She Picked Up Kids Wearing Inappropriate Outfit


If you are going to bully someone like this you better have some ammo. This Mom looks like she gives NO FUCKS about putting everyone that crosses her on blast.

This might sound stupid but hang out with me for a second. It has to suck being the “hot mom” at your kids school. Being a parent seems like a hard enough battle not to mention she has a bunch of kids she is running around. Now you have to deal with all the people looking at you thinking you are a bad mom because you are bomb.

Tough life. Well, it could be worse… I said bare with me people!

According to DailyMail: Bella Vrondos is the proud mother to nine-year-old Alyssa, eight-year-old Kiera, and six-year-old Connor, but most of her critics on social media care more about her other job: being a model and boutique owner. With Kim Kardashian as her main style guru, Bella’s criticism derives from her love of body con dresses, fake tanner, and Instagram-worthy make-up.

Bella says she has received endless criticism from other mothers for the way she looks and dresses, and it has all recently come to a head when she posted a photo with her children in front of their school.

“I posted a photo on social media of me and my kids at school with their awards and the photo went viral because apparently the way I was dressed wasn’t appropriate for school,” Bella said of the photo. “People were commenting saying I had my boobs out and shouldn’t have worn that dress.”

She says that the criticism she has gotten has skyrocketed since she had breast augmentation surgery, which she believes should have nothing to do with her ability to be a good mother. The photo below shows Bella in a dress that many deemed too tight and revealing for a mother to wear.

“As soon as I got a breast augmentation I was viewed differently by most of the other mums,” says Bella. “I’m not included in any of the mum’s groups or cliques.” This adult-bullying has even gone to the extreme, with a picture of Bella once being cruelly posted onto Craigslist as a fake advertisement for an escort. Bella says other moms avoid her, with not a single one speaking to her when she once helped chaperone a birthday party.

Bella has also been accused of spending too much money on improving her looks, and not spending enough on her kids. “Someone said to me that they’d rather spend their money on their children,” she says, “but just assuming I don’t spend my money on my kids is ridiculous.” Fed up with the endless hate, Bella has a message she wants her critics and other mothers to hear.

She had a message for all the haters and bullies out there: “I didn’t get plastic surgery to look like a porn star but because I’ve had three kids and my body totally deformed- I did it to be happy and feel confident with my body. Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to give up your whole self being. I am trying to create awareness about that. ”

. “My children love me the way I am. If I was to change my appearance then I wouldn’t be their mum— I wouldn’t be me.”

If I’m not a ho then what am I?


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