Mom-Of-Two Has To Close GoFundMe Page Because Of The Abuse It Got

Who are the real idiots on GoFundMe pages?

Well when the person asking for money is doing it for no other reason than they want some people to pay for their house, holiday etc., you’ve got to say it’s the fools who put a few quid in, not the individual that set it up.

33-year-old mum-of-two Nikki Smith, from Gloucestershire, and who works two days a week at a hospital, wanted to take her two daughters to Disney World, Florida. She didn’t have the dollar for this so decided to set up a page so the general public could fund it.

Yeah, welcome to 2017.

There’s nothing wrong with any of them, just a lack of funds.

Her post was shared over 18 thousand times, but raising just a paltry £10.

Her Facebook post read started:

“I have been blessed with the most amazing, kind, loving and caring daughter, they are my best friends and my life.

“I want to show them how much I appreciate and love them.

“They watch a lot of YouTube videos where children are surprised by their parents with a holiday to Disney World and they even get tears in their eyes watching it.

“We lost two very special people in our lives these past couple of years and this really would give them so much to look forward to.”

And here is the rest of it:


She asked for £5k to take them – that’s a pretty nice trip, isn’t it?

She got a lot of flak for the attempt (let’s be honest it is a bit cheeky), telling The Sun:

“It’s so hard to save with two children as well as working part time, you’ve got the bills and shopping – it would probably take me 10 years to save up that much and it would be too late then.

“It’s a wish list on the GoFundMe page – people can save up to travel around the world and everything – there are different funding ideas in there.

“I just thought it would be the only way it would ever happen.”

However, this message left on the Sun’s comments, does kind of put what it’s really all about in perspective.

You really hope your little one keeps strong.

They are fundraising fro ECHO, the Evelina Children’s Heart Organisation, which helped her son. To donate to this charity, click here.