Mom’s Craigslist Ad Selling Daughter’s Truck Goes Viral

Mom’s Craigslist Ad Selling Daughter’s Truck Goes Viral

1065604-11-20160421103535 A Minnesota mom is getting a lot of attention for her Craigslist post selling her daughter’s 1998 Dodge Ram, which starts off, “So, because I’m the World’s Meanest Mom…” Amy Adams’ 15-year-old daughter has been acting out, Adams tells WFMY, and the final straw was when the teenager, who has a learner’s permit and will soon have a driver’s license, skipped school Monday. Adams listed the truck (the title is in her name, and she had been fixing it up for her daughter) for $2,750 the following day, but added this note: “If the person driving the truck on a daily basis will be attending North Branch high school next year, you will get a $300 discount. Why? Because I AM the World’s Meanest Mom, and would love for her to be reminded every day next year of all the mistakes she made.” The listing has twice been flagged for removal, likely by friends of Adams’ daughter, but there’s a screenshot on Reddit.


Adams says she’s just trying to teach her kids how to behave before it’s too late: “Where’s that going to leave them five years from now, 10 years from now, when they’re walking around disrespecting the wrong people?” Interestingly, another mom dubbed herself “the meanest mom EVER” this week, and made a similar point: Jaime Primak Sullivan, a former reality TV star who has a following on Facebook, recorded a video Monday telling a story about how she took her kids to get ice cream and they were disrespectful, failing to acknowledge the person serving them or to thank her or their mother, so she threw their ice cream away. “I will die one day,” she says, “and I will leave children who believe in the human connection. Who believe and practice social responsibility. And who are kind. Yes, I will. Even if I have to be the meanest mom ever for the rest of my life.” The video has been shared more than 23,000 times so far.

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I have no opinion on her parenting. It’s the results that count.

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