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Mom’s Story On Missing Twins Doesn’t Check Out

Mom’s Story On Missing Twins Doesn’t Check Out

Two weeks after child welfare workers removed four children from a woman’s suburban Pittsburgh home in June for alleged neglect, they discovered an even bigger problem: The woman has two other children who are missing, and haven’t been seen alive for more than a decade. Since the summer, police investigators have cast a wide net for twins Ivon and Inisha, who would be about 18 now. A county detective has testified he believes the children are dead but can’t prove it. A cadaver-sniffing dog came up empty during a search of another Pittsburgh area house in December. Patricia Fowler was arrested in August on charges of concealing the whereabouts of her twins after police investigated following the removal of four of her other children.

Fowler has changed her story several times regarding the whereabouts of Ivon and Inisha. She’s told police the two children are living with friends or relatives, only to have the names and addresses she’s provided not check out, or have relatives tell police they’ve never heard of the twins. Police said one out-of-state address provided by Fowler turned out to be a vacant storefront, and one Georgia city she named didn’t exist. As police try to solve the mystery, they on Wednesday filed additional charges against Fowler, 47, who has been free on bail, accusing her of illegally collecting more than $50,000 in state food stamps, public assistance, and medical benefits for the twins since June 2011. The AP has more on Fowler and her 19-year-old son, Datwon, who remains jailed on charges he conspired with his mother to hide his twin siblings from authorities.



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