Morgan Freeman Has Become A National Enemy In Russia

Morgan Freeman Has Become A National Enemy In Russia

Pretty much every American with a pulse and television access is aware of the power and majesty of Morgan Freeman’s voice. Somehow, his voice has the ability to simultaneously lull you into comfort while keeping you fully engaged. In fact, his voice is so universally beloved (and respected) that the man has played God without being questioned.

The latest confirmation of Freeman’s sheer voice power has come from a surprising source: Russia. On Monday, Freeman appeared in a Youtube video from the Committee to Investigate Russia and it has people fully shook.

The video starts with Freeman making brooding eye contact with the camera before pensively saying “We have been attacked.”

He then goes on to share details from a declassified report that shows how Putin ordered interference in 2016 to hep Trump get elected.

Even people in Russia are recognizing that Freeman and his glorious voice are not a good enemy to have. And spoiler: they are not loving it.

The spokeswoman for Russia’s foreign ministry Maria Zakharova wrote a Facebook post about how she believes Freeman was tricked into joining forces with the Russia probe.

This is what it says, according to a translation from Tass News:

“Morgan Freeman has been roped in, just like Colin Powell was. I believe this is another story about the end justifying the means. However, we will know who is behind this story sooner than we knew about the true contents of the infamous test tube.”

These are certainly not the words of a woman who is excited about Freeman’s latest film.

In this case, for Russia, not all press is good press.

Who ever could have predicted the day Freeman’s famous voice would be used to narrate the tampering of an election?!

What nightmare parallel universe have we found ourselves in?! Please don’t answer that, I know this is our current reality, but YIKES.


To be fair, being considered an enemy of Russia only serves to make Freeman look more powerful.

If America needs anything in this political sh*tstorm it’s the voice of God (Freeman).

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