Morning Show Allows 11 Year Old Girls to Pole Dance on Live TV – Is This Acceptable?

If you are questioning the morality of something then maybe you shouldn’t show it live on your own damn show.

The controversy is coming out of nowhere, and I don’t know who brought up children pole dancing, but the police need to dig through that person’s internet search history.

The ‘This Morning’ show wanted to bring up the issue of children pole dancing and decided to bring out 3 pre-teens to show it off. The oldest was eleven while the other two were only eight-years-old.

The hosts’ faces says it all, it was the most uncomfortable act they have ever seen on their show.

After showing this segment on television several people took to Twitter to express their opinions on child pole dancing.

Some people unsurprisingly defended it.

Personally, these people defending it are out of their minds, pole dancing was sexual before it was seen as a fitness exercise. Of course it’s a nice work out but there are plenty of other sports and activities the children could participate in that doesn’t hold any sexual connotation. Some people are comparing it to regular gymnastics, so why not have them just do regular gymnastics? Besides, I don’t remember ever seeing a stripper at the local club doing vault or uneven bars. For me this is definitely a no go, it’s on the same level as child pageants.

If you want to get put on a list watch the whole cringe video below, then let us know if you agree or disagree with this in the comments!:


Morning Show Allows 11 Year Old Girls to Pole Dance on Live TV – Is This Acceptable?

4 replies on “Morning Show Allows 11 Year Old Girls to Pole Dance on Live TV – Is This Acceptable?”

That looked pretty harmless.

There really is nothing wrong with it. It’s like gymnastics as far as the girls are concerned. I’m assuming they aren’t being taught to act sexual while doing it.

The only problem is the people watching it. Us grownups automatically think of strippers when we think of pole dancing. For that reason alone I wouldn’t encourage my daughter to take it up. There are so many other hobbies out there. But in the end of the day…the pole dancing is not bad in any way for kids…it’s us adults making it naughty.

Aw, chill out people! That’s vocational training. Do you think a 22 year old on an MBA is going to need to use his lecture on Managing Organisational Change till he’s gotten a few more years under this belt?

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