Most People Will Only See 25% Of The Colors In This Picture

How many different colors do YOU see?

9 replies on “Most People Will Only See 25% Of The Colors In This Picture”

I saw exactly 40, does this vary by monitor? I assume it would.

i made 40, I know I am lacking a bit in the yellow and the red bits though.

42. But it’s early in the morning. This evening I’ll probably see less. Something something science humans science something.

Madduck, I think I speak for most of us here and I beg you to please change you avatar picture! You are a shining light in this dark world…

48, but maybe more, the colours kept flecking more I stared

Some I can see the edge of because they are graduated, but look the same as the one next to them, so an honest answer is 27, but I am moderately colourblind.

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