Mother And Daughter Arrested For Running Erotic Massage Parlor Out Of The Garage

A mother and daughter have been accused of running an unlicensed erotic massage parlor of the carport of their suburban home.

Anne Marie Dodge, 55, and her daughter Jennifer Lynn Dodge, 30, were both arrested this week in Sarasota, Florida in an undercover sting targeting the alleged brothel operation.

Undercover cops acting on a tip responded to ads posted on by the two women.

‘I am a beautiful, talented, licensed massage therapist whom God uses to bring his healing energy to you and bring you to a whole new level of ecstasy. I specialize in deep tissue, healing, energy massage,’ read one of the ads for Anne, according to police.

Anne Dodge was arrested on Wednesday, after police said she gave an undercover agent a massage without a license.

The mother has spoken out though, telling WFLA that she is a licensed massage therapist as well as a religious minister who performs ‘laying of hands’.

A police raid on the residence Wednesday found massage tables, lotions, oils and a towel steamer.

On Thursday, daughter Jennifer Dodge was arrested separately, after police said she offered an undercover sexual favors for $200, as opposed to the $120 price tag on a simple massage.

‘There was a carport on the right side of the house and it almost was like they enclosed part of the porch and that’s where the massage and prostitution was taking place,’ Officer Jessica Sullivan of the Sarasota Police Department said in a televised news conference.

Shocked neighbors said that they saw five to ten cars visit the residence per day, describing most of them as older white gentlemen.

Anne Dodge was charged with two felony counts of unlicensed practice of a health care profession and two misdemeanor counts of operating a massage parlor without a license.

Jennifer Dodge was charged with one felony count of prostitution.

She has three prior convictions for prostitution, according to court records.

Bother women are now free, mom on a $4,000 bond and daughter on $1,500 bond.

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