Mother And Son Who Are In Love And Have ‘Incredible’ Sex On The Run After Forbidden Romance Revealed

Mother And Son Who Are In Love And Have ‘Incredible’ Sex On The Run After Forbidden Romance Revealed




There is an anonymous quote that is often posted by mommies on Facebook to get other mommies to like their crappy status and it goes, “Your son will hold your hand for only a little while. But he will hold your heart for a lifetime!” But that is not the case for Kim West. That is because Kim West hopes that her son Ben Ford will not only hold her heart, but also her hand, and even her naughty bits. You see, the 51-year-old Kim West has a loving relationship with her 31-year-old son. No. Not the “I made you your favorite peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for your birthday” kind of love, but rather, “You were so amazing last night when you did that thing with your tongue” type of loving. Yes. This mother and son have a sexual relationship. Motherfucker!

The incestuous couple revealed their bizarre liaison in the New Day, and they said that they have “incredible and mind-blowing sex.” Motherfucker! Their love for one another is so great that they plan to marry and have a baby together. Well that saves time because you can combine the first dance and the mother-son dance.

The British mother and son/fucktoy live in Michigan, but now are in hiding after the outlandish story garnered international headlines. The happy couple has a valid reason to justify their forbidden romance.

Kim gave her son up for adoption 30 years ago when he was a week old, and finally in 2013 he re-connected with his mommy. Like too much. Kim began having “sexy dreams” about her strapping young son. Soon after they met up at a hotel where they had their first kiss followed by “incredible and mind-blowing sex” a number of times. Motherfucker!

Oddly, Kim is not only a sonfucker, but also a homewrecker. Ben lived in Colorado and was married to his Victoria, but they later split up so he could be with his mom. How low is your self-esteem when your partner divorces you to be with his mommy?

Kim has a perfectly valid reason for her taboo relationship – Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), which she argues is definitely not incest. GSA causes relatives to feel sexual attraction to each other after meeting as adults. Yeah, pretty sure that’s incest. “This is not incest,” Kim says. “We are like peas in a pod and meant to be together.” Um, peas in a pod are born at the same time. This is more like a pea plant opening up a pea pod then fucking the peas. I’d have more respect for her if her reasoning was “Incest is best, put your son to the test.”

“When I met Kim, I couldn’t think of her as my mum but instead as a sexual being,” Ben said. And you thought you loved MILFs?

I’d like to say it’s a family affair and to do whatever your heart tells you, but incest is kind of illegal. Under Michigan state law, she could face up to 15 years in prison and forced on the sex offender registry. Motherfucker!


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Normal people would never consider doing this. Ever. Obviously the recessive gene was passed along. Disgusting brood.

There are many things once thought to be equally abnormal that are, these days, considered “natural” and “beautiful”.

Soon, incest and pederasty will also be legal throughout the world and those things will be violently and aggressively defended, as well.

Disgusting brood, indeed.

Interestingly, while “Ethics derives from the Greek word “ethos” meaning “character”, and “Morals” derive from the Latin word “mos” meaning “custom”, “Ethics are considered to be the conforming to society’s written standards of the day, while morality is measured against one’s own internal standards. That said, he’s a motherfucker and she’s ugly.

Studies have shown that not only does this type of incest (male reproduction with own mother) affect the genetics of potential offspring, but on occasion can have severe phenotypical effects in the expression of certain genes, which scientists refer to as the “MoFo” gene cluster on the y chromosome. Symptoms include hair loss, a deep orange palour, obesity, psychoses relating to greed, hatred and violence and shortened phalanges.

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