Motorcycle Riders Violently Attack Man During Road Rage Incident

Police are searching for a group of motorcycle riders caught on camera violently beating another motorist during an incident in Southwest Florida earlier this month.

The incident took place January 9th in North Fort Myers, when the riders were seen speeding, cutting off other vehicles and holding up traffic in the middle of intersections.

After one motorist got into a verbal argument with the riders, they followed the vehicle and broke the side mirror before surrounding the vehicle and breaking all of the car’s windows.

The victim got out of his car and was beaten with a large wrench and helmets before being kicked repeatedly. He was rushed to an area hospital with extensive injuries.

Nearby people broke up the fight and the riders fled the scene.

One reply on “Motorcycle Riders Violently Attack Man During Road Rage Incident”

They weren’t motorcycle riders. They were punk ass kids on crotch rockets who become brave bad boys only in groups of ten or more..

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